Dry Cleaning

Experience The Beverly Hills Difference
The Beverly Hills difference is the scope of our dry cleaning methods and labor-intensive hand inspection. After one of our expert technicians examines a piece it’s sent for customized treatment tailored especially for each stain and garment type. Prior to dry cleaning, we carefully remove delicate lace, bead- work or buttons (you’ll never have to worry about losing that special button again!)


Our experienced tailors are always on hand to make minor repairs! Get in touch with one of our professionals today to see what makes our dry cleaning special. Remember, we offer complimentary pickup and delivery throughout the New York metro area.

Wet Cleaning

No One Does It Better
Our wet cleaning services use the most advanced equipment to fulfill your cleaning needs. Wet cleaning is an environmentally friendly process in which we use specialized conditioners, gentle agitation and a healthy measure of hand care.
Wet cleaning is ideally suited to materials such as wools and silks because it guards against shrinkage and discoloration. Just like dry cleaning, wet cleaning extends the life of your favorite garments and protects your investment.


Laundered Shirts

Clean | Crisp | Fresh

We specialize in safely laundering all types of shirts . Our gentle process is easy on buttons, yet can remove the toughest collar and cuff stains. All our shirts are machine and hand ironed, or we also offer a completely hand ironed shirt.

You may choose among light, medium, and heavy starch selections. Hanger shirts are packaged with collar supports and cuff shirts are individually tied with cuff studs. Our boxed shirts are individually wrapped in plastic for easy traveling or shelf storage.

Wedding Gowns

Preserve Your Memories
The perfect dress, the one you’ve fantasized about since you were a little girl. And it’s everything you envisioned – layers and layers of exquisite fabric in a sophisticated style that flatters your figure. You’ve invested so much of your heart, time and money in your wedding dress, and you want it to last forever Beverly Hills Cleaners can help by cleaning and preserving your gown after the Big Day!
A treasure this special should be handled by experts in dress conservation who will protect it properly. We combine our knowledge of OVER 40 YEARS of professional garment – care experience to ensure your wedding gown always stays beautiful.


European Tailoring

A Cut Above The Rest

Clothes that look best are the ones that fit best. After one look at our expert tailoring on a gown or jacket, we’re sure you’ll agree. A Beverly Hills Cleaners tailor knows how to handle fine fabrics and delicate decorations. And, our alterations follow designers’ original lines, translating their vision to your form. If you’ve never seen how alterations dramatically improve an outfit, prepare to be amazed. Get in touch with us today and let us show you how great you can look.

We offer a wide range of apparel services including:


Household Items

Five Star Quality Service
Sure, the maid service, pillow mints and minibar are nice, but our favorite part of hotel stays are the crisp, clean, fresh, pressed-without-a-seam sheets. That experience is easy to take home with Beverly Hills Cleaners linen and bedsheet cleaning. We’ll make your bed as inviting as the Four Seasons’ and schedule regular dry cleaning so your bedding sets last longer. Our specialized equipment can clean anything from comforters to pillows, so don’t hold back.
And if you love what we can do for sheets, wait until you see us clean your fine linens and tablecloths. Our technicians specialize in delicate or lace tablecloths. We can restore and repair even the more persistent tough stains or yellowing. As always, we’re happy to pick up and deliver your cleaning.



Temperature Controlled Storage For Proper Care
All furs should be stored adequately to maintain their quality. Hot and dry climates can cause the oils in the skin to dry out and the pelts to fall out. In warm weather bring us your furs (or call us for a complementary pick-up) for storage in our humidified,
temperature controlled vaults to be treated with our special cleaning, glazing, and reconditioning methods that will help preserve the life of your furs, leathers, suedes and shearlings and have you looking your best in the new season. For those older items that might need to be updated or restyled, our designers and furriers are at your service.

Leathers / Suedes / etc…

Your Leather Makes A Statement - Make Sure Its The Right One
Your leather makes a statement – when you know what you want it to say, bring it to Beverly Hills Cleaners. Shrinkage, cracking, color loss – a lot can go wrong with improper leather or suede cleaning. Leather cleaning is a precise art. We’ve seen it all and it breaks our hearts to get garments damaged by careless leather cleaning. Our craftsmen know how to clean painted leather without making it look like a cheap synthetic,
and preserve the character of vintage hides without making them look battered. Of course, after we’ve done leather cleaning, we treat garments using natural oils to keep skins as soft and supple as the day they were sent out from the tannery.


Seasonal Storage

Be Limitless With Our Seasonal Storage Plan
Seasonal storage – who doesn’t want a bottomless closet? In New York City, closet space is tight, but, it’s okay to splurge on seasonal pieces. When the seasons turn, we’ll pick up, clean, and stash your wardrobe.
We’ll keep your threads safe from mildew, moths, dust and sunlight in our climate-controlled and secure facility until you need them again. Our contemporary seasonal storage is just the solution!

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