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Welcome to Beverly Hills Cleaners NY where we use the latest in Green Technology for the care of your garments. We put our OVER FORTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, technology and passion to work on your garments giving you amazing results that will keep you coming back. We do it for the love of garments, and we can provide that gentle care that your traditional dry cleaner would not.

Our services are exquisitely designed to cater for all your cleaning needs, and we are dedicated in our approach. For us, quality care is everything, and we take care of your garments as we would our own. We are here to serve you. Our aim is to be your most convenient dry cleaners. We want to offer you such a high level of service, that you will almost believe your garments will be returned to you on a silver platter! Check out our services below. It is with gratitude that we are honored to serve you, our commitment to excellence and the highest quality of service is our mission and we are here to deliver.

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